For Bashers, By Bashers!


Over the last week the regular rat race of life has slowed down, unlike most people who are having trouble filling there new found free time, us in the RC hobby have been doing this for years and can handle any time tossed our way. With everything going on people more then ever need a distraction right now. So, I took my government mandated RC time and build a new scale garage that happens to be my biggest one yet. Ok, so its more of a remodel and extension but none the less the newer shop is already serving its purpose, keeping my mind occupied rather then worrying about how much toilet paper we have left.  Check out the little video of the shop and make sure to hit that like button lol.

Have a fun filled RC weekend #rcfromhome and keep scalin!

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Posted by in Everybody's Scalin' on Friday, March 27th, 2020 at 3:51 pm