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Axial Racing Yeti SCORE Trophy Truck

Everybody’s Scalin’ – Scale Short Course Truck Cometh

So it has arrived, the first scale short course truck. Axial’s big announcment last week was the Yeti Score Trophy Truck, based on the aforementioned Yeti platform. While many (myself included) are excited about the release, their was quite a bit of discontent on the message boards that I frequent. “Axial is just slapping a short course body on the Yeti, big deal.” “I want a NEW truck” many said. Wait a minute, what? Let me explain why in this case it may be best to put the pitchforks down.

Until this, I was previously not very big on the Yeti platform. I owned one for a brief amount of time but felt like by trying to do too much (i.e. the rock racing moniker of crawling and bashing) it was an oddball that didn’t do one thing particularly well, at least not without extensive modification. Myself and others I know felt like it was really a scale trophy truck being forced to be something that it really wasn’t.

This new release is what the Yeti was really meant to be. When people say they’d rather Axial release a new platform for it…why? Just for the hell of it? Have these people ever seen an actual Baja/Short Course truck. That’s what the Yeti is.

It’s also great that the aftermarket is now fully on board with the platform as well, so when people start racing and bashing this thing parts are readily available for it. I’m sure we will also see some killer stuff come down the pipe. Who knows, maybe the Yeti Score Truck will help real off-road racing make a comeback – you know, actual racing on non-blue grooved dirt, if even at the grassroots level?

I’m excited for the release. If you aren’t, well hey, different strokes and all that. Just know that if your main complaint is “Axial slapped a short course body on the Yeti and called it a trophy truck”….well yeah. The Yeti IS a trophy truck. In my opinion it’s just now finally being tasked with what it should of been doing the whole time.

Pending the review (all of us at Squid HQ are looking forward to it) I’m ready to cut the check. I hope many other wayward off-roaders are ready to do the same.

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