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Everybody’s Scalin’ – Scaler Mailbag

It’s a bit of a slow news week around here and I’ve had a couple messages floating around in queue for just such an occasion. Let’s get to them, shall we?

hi! i saw that you guys are trying out the Hitec HS-5646WP and i’d like to put one in my trx4 just like the article. my question is, did you need to install a BEC or is the truck fine with just replacing the servo?

Hillard is referring to this article, and shame on me for not talking about that during the actual piece. No, you don’t need to use a BEC when installing the HS-5646WP. I’ve run the truck throughout the summer since upgrading and I’ve never had a problem with it glitching or blacking the system out. Speaking of my TRX-4, I’ve got some monster plans for it, but we will talk about that next week 🙂

How is the servo (that you upgraded your TRX4 with)? I am looking to upgrade mine but not sure which one to go with. Water proof I do not care for as much but I want something that can turn the wheels. The stock did not turn the wheels on the rocks when crawling. Very weak.
-Tri Tran

Again, shame on me for not getting into this more. I’ve talked about this particular servo before several times so I didn’t want to repeat myself… I can see that was a mistake. Anyways, yes, it’s a fantastic upgrade for your T-Rex. The steering servo is the one area where improvement is needed. The 5646WP does the trick without breaking the bank. Are there better servos out there? Of course. I just don’t like putting high dollar electronics in my scalers because of the muck and water and I’ll put them through. I know you say you don’t care about being water proof but hey, it’s always nice having that extra peace of mind when the going gets tough (or wet)! So yeah, I’m very happy and I’d say go for it.

Just for clarification, this next message is a comment that’s in response to the most recent Cub Report, but hopefully Cubby doesn’t mind me taking a crack at it!

No specific mention of Tamiya? Really? The company that made the first true Scaler in The Bruiser about, oh, 200 years ago? A Bruiser with modern rubber is as capable as other leaf-spring trucks on the market today (and yes, I DO trail with guys that run them). And it has tons of cast parts, and a 3-speed tranny. Not too shabby for something made 30+ years ago. Not to say it doesn’t have its flaws – all RCs do – but it is still an amazing piece of kit, IMO. And my lightly modded CR-01 keeps up just fine with SCX10s and thier ilk, despite what some claim on the forums.
-RC Glenn

Glenn, I want to respond to this because I’m the biggest Tamiya fanboy on staff here. I’ve built many of their models and not much makes me happier than smelling that distinct scent of Tamiya plastic and rubber when opening a kit box. If I could purchase that as a scented candle, I would burn it in my workshop.

However, let’s be real here. Tamiya is in sore need of a modern scaling platform. Yes, the Bruiser can work decent as a trail truck with mods, as can the Hi-lift, CR01 and CC01 to varying degrees of success…but the big T has nothing in their portfolio that could in any way be construed as being on the same level as a TRX4, SCX10.2, Ascender, etc.

It’s really sort of shocking that Tamiya has not come out with anything new for the category, given the fact that EVERYONE is releasing something for the genre these days. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- should Tamiya ever release something that’s in the same league as the current top dogs I’ll happily be first in line at my local hobby shop with cash in hand. I’d love to run a T-scaler, proper!

Hey, if you ever have a scaler specific question or comment that you’d like me to answer, drop me a line at doug at bigsquidrc dot com.

Have a good weekend!

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