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The scale crawler world has more than its fair share of small businesses for you to shop from. But what happens when a small RC company starts to grow and become a household name in the crawler hobby? ScalerFab is perfect example of a small company putting in the work while still being hungry enough to go the distance. The RC industry is not an easy one. For ScalerFab to grow and develop from wicked trail armor to hosting events and creating a “ScalerFabulous” lifestyle, if you will, is something to admire. I reached out to find out more about ScalerFab and Troy and Casey Loftus’s future plans with the company.

ScalerFab has a humble beginning and was born out of a passion for the hobby. Troy Loftus started making his own hop-ups for his rigs at his local comps. Once people saw the quality of Troy’s craftsmanship his homemade Hop-ups became sought after. They say, behind every great man there is a great woman, and for Troy that woman is Casey Loftus. Casey knew that Troy’s hop-ups could be more than a little side hustle and in 2013 she bought him the domain name for his birthday. Utilizing Casey’s skills in marketing and customer service along with Tory’s craftsmanship, ScalerFab rapidly grew into a full-time business for the RC power couple.

ScalerFab has come a long way since its beginning and is the only after-market RC Trail Armor company to allow customization to fit the budget and needs of their customers directly on their website. But it doesn’t stop with great trail armor, ScalerFab has launched their RC channel on Amazon Prime TV, WORC- World of Radio Control. And with all the shenanigans going on over at YouTube the timing is perfect. This year ScalerFab also held their first event, Scaled Up Moab. Where scale meets 1:1 on an exciting off-road adventure retreat for RC enthusiasts. A hand full of my buddies got the chance to go to Scaled Up Moab and from what they say it was a great event and worth checking out.

I asked Casey how her and Troy felt about the success of ScalerFab and here is what she had to say.

“We are thankful for the freedom to enjoy our passion as a business. We understand this is a hobby and truly enjoy giving back to our followers in fun and entertaining ways including event sponsorships, giveaways, and exciting RC content.” Casey Loftus

Seeing a couple who both have love for the hobby and working together to bring us quality products is a breath of fresh air in world full of RC wars. You know you’re getting an authentic work of art and not just this month’s profit helper.

Like everything else I talk about I strongly suggest you check it out for yourself to see what all the hub bub is about. ScalerFab has a lot of social media presence and have updates on their Instagram @scalerfab and Facebook. Make sure to go give them a follow-on Instagram as that seems to be where you get the inside sneak peaks at new products.

As 2019 is coming to an end I am eagerly waiting for what’s to come from ScalerFab in 2020. And if I may suggest, I think a roll bar for the Pro-line Dodge Ramcharger would be a good start, just putting it out there. Well, that does it for me this week, I have some Simpsons to watch and USTE20 trucks to build. Have a great weekend and keep Scalin’.

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