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Everybody’s Scalin’ – Stoking the Fire

For the longest time now I’ve been planning on building a super scaled out, high performance 1.9 trail rig. It’s just that other responsibilities (aka different r/c’s) have always led to this project being stuck perpetually “on the drawing board”. No more! A massive amount of stuff has been ordered and as you can see in above pic, it’s time to finally get ta buildin’.

The truck I’ve had in mind for this build is an Axial SCX10 Dingo. Given the fact that this kit is sort of the elder statesmen of the Axial line, perhaps that comes off as sort of surprising to some. I’ve always loved Land Rovers though, and the first scaler I owned was the original RTR silver Dingo. I’m also a fan of the shorter wheelbase it provides.

The truck is being built for extreme trailing ala RECON G6, so it’s being decked out to the nines with functional recovery gear (lots of Gear Head stuff as you can see….I loves me some GH), auxiliary lighting, Howler Customs aftermarket battery/electronics tray, a massive power plant…you get the idea. Basically everything I’ve wanted to put in a scaler, finally all in one truck versus scattered about over multiple vehicles.

While I don’t plan on doing any build articles for the truck (the internet is littered with standard SCX10 build threads), once finished it will be talked about from time to time because it’s going to be my new standard review platform for accessories.

The first thing on the docket? The new RC4WD Warn Zion Winch. I’ve never owned a scale winch before as my personal view has been that they were weaksauce. However, the new Zion boasts massive torque and a 12 lbs deadlift. That should be plenty to yank my soon-to-be-heavy Dingo out of trouble.

I’m excited to get this project underway and thanks to the UPS man, I know what I’m doing this weekend! It’s definitely re-stoked the fire.

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