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So far 2019 is already starting off to be a good year for us scale nuts. We are not even done with January and already have had some great products released. The scale or crawler wave of popularity has been building strong for the last 4 years and in my opinion, I don’t see it breaking anytime soon.

First off, from Boom Racing, the BRX01 1/10 4wd Radio Control Chassis Kit. What really got my attention was how they went a different direction with the scale. By that I mean the BRX01 looks like a real 1.1 rig you buy at the dealership. Chances are if you walk into a car dealership you won’t find too many lifted trucks with mud tires and so forth. But that’s the complete opposite in the scale crawler world; 99% of RTRs or kits come with a pretty mean ride height and some big tires. The BRX01 is a scale version of a daily driver that can take those rugged detours through the scale mountains and be back at the office by lunch time. Now the street price for The BRX01 is $629.00 and that may seem a little steep for a kit but if you want quality you have to understand it’s going to cost a little more.

Next is from Redcat Racing; not only is the new Gen8 International Scout making its mark but Redcat has also released a portal axle kit for the Gen7. I love how Redcat is still showing support for the Gen7 even after the Gen8 has come out. Some rigs get their 15 minutes of fame and once the new version comes out they become yesterday’s news, kind of sad if you think about it. Having a street price of $99.99 is a steal to deck out your Gen7 with the portal axle kit from Redcat Racing.

If you follow RC4WD on Instagram you may have seen a teaser a few months back about this next product. The teaser was one of the hardest pics to try to dissect. I’m talking about the new RC4WD 1985 Toyota 4Runner hard body. If you haven’t seen the video RC4WD made for the 1985 Toyota 4Runner you need to see it! The video makes you feel like your watching an old commercial that was ran in between watching The Real Ghostbusters and He-Man on Saturday morning. 4Runner comes with some wicked features like an opening hood, doors, drop tail gate, removable hard top and a full interior. Just another ‘take my money moment’ if I say so myself. The RC4WD 4Runner fits the Trailfinder 2 chassis but I am sure you will see these vintage hard bodies on some really cool custom builds. Coming in at a street Price of $159.99 it is definitely not a bad way to spend some money for your rig.

I know there has been a few other products that have came out this month and not that they are not good or anything like that. But the 3 I have highlighted are definitely this months winners of the “Take My Money!” award. And now it’s time I get back to doing some tinny truck work, have a great weekend and keep Scalin’!

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