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Farm Truck 2 has been a killer rig so far. From its maiden voyage at USTE 2022, to the miles it has driven in Juicebox Off-Road Park, the truck still drives like its brand new. Haven’t even had any bugs to work out, but when you use a GCM Racing Cmax 2 Chassis, Holmes Hobbies Crawlmaster, and a REEFS RC Triple 4 you end up with a sold rig. The Farm Trucks tires and foams on the other hand, were a different story.

I used a set of old RC4WD Mud Thrashers that have been around the shop for about 3 years. Great tires still, but the foams were toast. While at USTE I won a set of Boom Racing 1.55 MaxGrappler tires in the raffle from DixieLand RC. And also picked up a few sets of Crazy Crawler Foams that CarryAll RC was nice enough to deliver to us from Crazy Crawler. Now, the Farm Truck has a new set of tires and foams that are equal to the rest of the rig’s performance parts.

The GCM Racing wheels are so easy when it comes to mounting tires. As much as I love my DSM Off-Road BeadLock Buddy there was no need for it this time around. The Crazy Crawler Foams are Xtreme Pulse, the performance foams have been amazing. Laser cut, the foams are firm enough for side hills and soft while on the rocks. Not that the Farm Truck will see extreme terrain or anything like that. But it’s good to know the rig is covered from the ground up now.

Make sure to check out past Everybody’s Scalin’ to see what we have done over the years. Lots of helpful stuff and some wicked rigs to see. As for me I have to get back to packing up the house, with some RC time here and there of course. Till next week, have a great weekend and keep scalin’!


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Posted by in Everybody's Scalin' on Saturday, March 19th, 2022 at 11:53 am