For Bashers, By Bashers!


Welcome to Juiceburg, the tiny world for the smaller scale rigs now has its name! the lay out started in my basement about two years ago. Back then it was only the two large mountains, unpainted and was used for quick testing of 1:10 rigs. The surge of 1:24 and 1:18 scale we have been receiving made me rethink about making a scale layout for the smaller scale. I figured if I made the layout around the 1:18 scale than the 1:24 would have more then enough room to run around. The size of the layout is two full sheets of plywood with about a 2ft run off on one side. The design changed a few times throughout the construction. Finding a good flow for the rigs was important, I wanted to have some roads and buildings mixed in without interfering with the obstacles.

Working on the mountains is what took up most of this builds time. I didn’t want to just paint over the 22 cans of Great Stuff and be left with mountains that resemble amount of cow intestines. Using dry wall mud, I was able to fill in the crevasses and shape more natural rock formations over the top of the foam spry. Since I laid it on THICK, I waited a week for it to dry before driving on it. I painted the mountains with watered down Black acrylic paint and a sponge. It took 6 hours to finish but the mixture of watered-down paint and the white drywall mud was perfect, Saving me hours of dry brushing details.

Picking the correct scale size for trees is also very important, don’t order 150 of the wrong size like I did. Most site have dimensions that you can go off but the average size for 1:18 to 1:24 would be 6 to 9 inches tall. But you can still use smaller trees for background or perspective pictures. For the outside of the layout, I used an old Christmas tree. By just cutting the branches down it adds a wall of green to help hide the background of my shop.

Now Juiceburg is looking like a nice quiet place to live, I still have a few little details to finish but this winter is going to be a lot more fun having Juiceburg to play on. Till next time, Keep Scalin’!


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Posted by in Everybody's Scalin' on Friday, December 17th, 2021 at 6:49 pm