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What’s up everybody, thanks for stopping by and checking out 2019s last Everybody’s Scalin’. 2019 has been a crazy year in RC with lots of new releases and events all around the world. There has been a category in the RC hobby that is starting to get some attention and if it keeps getting the recognition it deserves, I see 2020 being a good year for it. I’m talking about the RC construction/equipment rigs. What was once either a very cheap toy grade or super expensive rig is now becoming a little more affordable to own while still getting your money’s worth. I put some RC construction rigs on my Christmas list, and wouldn’t you know, Santa hooked me up since he is a big fan of Big Squid RC.

In total I received 3 rigs, a Top Race RC dump truck, a loader, and a little excavator. All 3 are different brands and range in price from 30 to 120 bucks. Because scale crawler rigs are and will always be my number one pick in RC I don’t really spend much money when starting a different RC category. Just like any RC selection you don’t want to spend a lot of cash right out of the gate until you know you will really enjoy it. Trust me, I have been checking out the construction rigs RC4WD has to offer and they are very tempting. My buddy, Nick Barber, has a nice collection but also a small fortune rapped up into it.

Out of the 3 rigs the little excavator surprised me the most with its capability and easy use of the remote. The excavator is the work horse of the 3 due to the fact it can do what its designed to do. The dump truck can hold a good amount dirt and still dump the bed but would get hung up every now and then. And the one I really was hoping to perform some what ok but falls flat on its face and really shows its toy side was the loader. The lift on the bucket only has power for a half scoop, at most, and the ground must be very smooth or the tires just spin in place. I think if I add some counterweight to the rear that might help the traction issue a little. After messing with the rigs for a few hours I had a ton of fun, even with them all being considered toy grades. The downside is that is has now lit a fire that can’t be put out and I have started considering getting some real hobby grade rigs.

RC Sparks has YouTube Gold and I have also seen a guy who excavated his whole basement only using RC construction equipment. So, what could we here at Big Squid do? Well… I’m still trying to figure that one out, lol. I want to try to do something utilizing only the RC construction rigs and I’m open to some suggestions; feel free to email me with your ideas at Jeremy -at- As for now, the 3 rigs will be doing as much as they can for my wife’s new rock garden aka scale trail in the front yard.

Have a great and safe New Year’s, I now must get back to the Big Squid RC round table to debate about crawler of the year. Till next time, Keep Scalin’!

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