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Everybody’s Scalin’ – You May Be an OG Crawler/Scaler If?

Greetings all. Top o’ the weekend to you!

As crawling/scaling has reached maturity, it’s always fun to think back and reminisce about what used to be. This week I thought I’d put together a funny list that many of you old timers can hopefully relate to.

You may be an OG Scaler and/or crawler if:

– You remember the X-Trail chassis.

– You’re familiar with the process of Cut N’ Shutting tires.

– You’ve glued your hands together as a result of the aforementioned process.

– Pro-Line MOABs were greatest thing since sliced bread.

– You have vast knowledge of Tamiya TLT-1 axles despite never owning an actual TLT-1 vehicle.

– You remember when RC4WD just made aftermarket parts.

– You’ve locked axles with JB Weld.

– You remember when nitro engines were a big part of Axial’s business plan.

– You know the Tamiya Clodbuster axle parts tree front to back, despite having no interest in monster trucks.

– You’ve stretched the wheelbase of an HPI Wheely King.

– You remember when Novak (RIP) was a viable electronics company.

– You’ve invented new curse words after your Axial driveshaft set screws backed out for the umpteenth time.

– Your creativity creating new curse words continued to flourish after trying to mount Pro-Line or Pit Bull tires on RC4WD wagon wheels.

– You have an account on RCCrawler with over 500 posts.

– The Wimbledon Tournament has nothing on you in regards to your collection of tennis balls; all cut in half, of course.

– You remember the first time you laid eyes on an Axial Scorpion, and how beautiful it was to see.

– Ok, so yeah the Scorpion was cool, but remember when the Wraith was announced? Felt like there could be nothing cooler.

– “Built, not bought!” is your personal rallying cry, and you make sure to let everyone know this ad nauseum.

Some of these things may still apply to hobbyists today, but putting together this list was a trip down memory lane. Have a great weekend!

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Posted by in Everybody's Scalin' on Friday, August 25th, 2017 at 5:19 pm