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Much like your favorite TV show, you probably have a YouTube Channel you like and visit often, BIG SQUID RC should be one of them too lol. The problem with YouTube is that there is a massive number of channels that have great content and never get the time of day. When you do a search like Scale crawler for example, the channel with the most views and subs pop up. To go down the rabbit hole and find the hidden gems you have to filter your search, I usually use “vids uploaded in the last week” and that alone will open your YouTube world up too a sea of amazing content, that normally you wouldn’t see unless you were subscribed to the channel.


I am going to give you all links to two channels that I think are worth checking out, this is a first of many as I will do a YouTubers Watch post once a month. I do not think it is right that some big channels can get away with click baiting viewers with subpar content or even downright false titling the vids for views. And on the other end you have a smaller channel that has real genuine content and never gets seen by as many as it should.


So, hope you all take the time to give these two Youtubers a look sees, till next week have a great weekend and Keep Scalin!





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Posted by in Everybody's Scalin' on Friday, October 16th, 2020 at 5:50 pm