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Exclusive: Horizon Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car in our hands

We at Big Squid are the very first r/c media group to get some wheel time with the Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies (not to be confused with Horizon Hobbies) H-Cell 2.0 hydrogen fuel cell powered r/c car (see the original product announcement here).  One of the things we’ve learned is that the car is not directly powered by the fuel cell, it is used as a range extender, providing a theoretical 1+ hour of extra run time to a common NiMH battery pack.  The system itself is pretty heavy, adding an extra 2+ pounds to the vehicle.  Our own Tim Mohr got to do the honors, but didn’t get much time to run it during the show, it was at the last minutes of Saturday when the lights were getting shutoff, BUT we’ve been promised by the company that when the show closes Sunday evening and we’re packing out all of our gear from our booth, THIS CAR will be in our hands.  We’ll be the only media group to have one in our possession for testing and review.  And we’ll have it all right here in the coming couple months after we give it a very thorough going over.


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