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Exotek Durango Motor Plate

Exotek Aluminum Hop-ups for Durango 210 Series

Exotek Durango Motor Plate
Exotek Racing has released an amazing looking line of new aluminum hop-ups for the Durango 210 line. Pictured above is Exotek’s new finned motor mount that sports a street price of $15. Pictured below are-

* Threaded Shock Posts, $12
* Shock Cap Bottoms, $11
* Alloy Shock Collars, $10
* Steering Cranks, $20
* Steering Link, $12
* 14mm Hex Hub, $10

HERE is the link for more information off the official Exotek website.

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Posted by in New Products, Team Durango on Wednesday, August 29th, 2012 at 2:20 pm