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Exotek Carbon Fiber B5M Battery Strap

Exotek Associated B5M Carbon Fiber ‘FLITE’ Strap

Exotek Carbon Fiber B5M Battery Strap
So you just built a new Associated B5M but don’t know where to start to uber it out. Carbon fiber is always a good choice and Exotek has just announced a pretty trick battery “Flite” strap for the B5M. The Exotek piece is lighter and stiffer than the stock piece, and looks infinitely cooler. The part number for the B5M Flite strap is #1413, it has a street price of $17, and you can get more information over on Exotek’s Website.

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Posted by in Exotek Racing, New Products on Thursday, March 20th, 2014 at 9:10 am