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Exotek R-Tek GT Body

Exotek R-Tek GT Clear Racing Body

New for all you World GT racers out there is the R-Tek GT clear body from Exotek Racing. The R-Tek GT brings a hot new look to the World GT class, here is more of the scoop-

* Aggressive splitter and muscular fenders
* Side skirts for more downforce
* Sports car style cockpit
* Two trim lines
* USGT legal rear wing
* Realistic rearward mounted wing
* Designed for plenty of tire clearance
* Made from a special .7mm polycarbonate

The part number for the the R-Tek GT is #1863 and it is street priced at $29. Get all the finer R-Tek GT Body details over on Exotek’s official website.

Use This Link to get more Exotek news on BigSquidRC.


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