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Exotek Racing Tire Sander Arbor Set

Exotek Racing Tire Sander Arbor Set

Recently announced by Exotek Racing is a Tire Sander Arbor Set. The new tire arbor fits wheels with hexes ranging from 10 to 14mm and can be used to help sand and break in tires. Here are the highlights-

* Universal type tire sander arbor set
* Can be used on multiple styles of arbor or sander systems
* Arbor made from machined 7075 aluminum
* Fits various 1/10th style wheels from off road or on-road vehicles
* 14mm hex wheels – 1/10 Rear F1 tires
* 12mm hex wheels – 1/10 Touring car, drag cars, off-road buggies, etc
* 10mm bearing wheels – 1/10 Front F1 tires, etc
* Arbor can be attached to – Drills with at least 10mm chuck, various brands of tire sanders

The Exotek Racing Tire Sander Arbor Set has a part number of #2101 and is street priced at $39.

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