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Exotek SC10 4X4 LCG Alloy Chassis

After showing us a prototype in October, Exotek Racing have released the production version of their Alloy LCG Chassis for the Associated SC10 4X4. It’s intended to improve the handling of the truck by lowering the CG and adding a bit of mass. You can fit standard sized Li-Po’s but a Carbon Fibre saddle pack mount is currently in development, and as promised it’s anodized in gun metal and etched with exotec logos.

Team Exotek SC10 4X4 Alloy LCG ChassisTeam Exotek SC10 4X4 Alloy LCG Chassis







Head over to the Exotek Racing website for details.



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Posted by in Exotek Racing on Tuesday, November 8th, 2011 at 10:26 pm