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Extreme Machines Monster Trucks at Target!

We recently got an email pointing out these new vehicles from a company called Extreme Machines and it struck as as really interesting for a few reasons.
First off, the RC vehicles you normally see at places like Target, Walmart or ToysRUs, are really not even close to being what would be considered a ‘hobby grade’ vehicle. Sure there are those sighting where you can buy a Traxxas through ToysRUs online, but you are not seeing them at the actual stores. So this is a cool thing! There are no other vehicles you can buy at any of the ‘big box’ stores, where you can actually go get hop-up parts, or replacement parts, or even have parts that are standard sizes with most RC.

These things have normal radios, receivers, 540 motors, dog bones, oil filled shocks, and all sorts of stuff that sets them apart from the toy shelf vehicles.

They have a 1/16th scale vehicle and a 1/10th scale vehicle. They are 4WD, come with AM transmitters, NiMH batteries and chargers, and with a decent price point. $99 for 1/10th and $59 for 1/16th, and are currently exclusive to Target stores!

I know a lot of people are going to start saying these are not the same quality as a Traxxas, or a Associated, and sure they probably aren’t, but it might be a great stepping stone to get someone into the RC hobby! With the exception of Traxxas, there are not a lot of companies doing what they should to get new people (kids) into the hobby! I bet a lot of kids are going to be getting these for Christmas, heck I bet more kids find these under their tree than a Associated or Losi!

You can also check out the VIDEO of the trucks in action.

We’ll see what we can do to get our hands on a couple, and give them the once over!
Visit the official Extreme Machines site for more info!

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Posted by in Extreme Machines on Monday, September 20th, 2010 at 12:07 am