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Extreme Rock Crawling Challenge – Southern Wisconsin

Axial Scorpion RC Rock Crawling I just received word from a friend of Big Squid RC’s about a RC Rock Crawling event coming up soon! The Southern Wisconsin Extreme Rock Crawling Challenge ! It’s scheduled for June 27-28 2009, and they are taking pre-registration now at that link. Looks like there are some decent cash prizes being handed out, and will probably be a good time! I’d like to make the trip out, but it’s going to be tough since that weekend is also my wedding anniversary. I get away with blowing off a lot of things to go do RC stuff, but that’s one of those I might not get away with.. or at least live to talk about! LOL.

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Posted by in RC Rock Crawling on Friday, June 12th, 2009 at 3:43 pm