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FAA Drone Registration Q&A

Since the news broke from the U.S. government that all drone pilots will be required to register their UAS (unmanned aerial system), the FAA ruling has been dominating headlines. I (like many of you) have questions regarding the specifics of these new laws. Is there size restrictions? Weight? Altitude? Licensing? What are the penalties if I don’t register? The FAA has finally created a website that answers most of these questions.

Visit the UAS Registration Q&A page for answers, info, procedure and more.

Having announced that ALL hobbyist aircraft falls under the category of UAS, the impact of these new rules to our hobby are still fuzzy. You can bet that we here at Big Squid RC will be bringing you the most up to date and reliable news regarding the registration process.

Registrations is LIVE right now at this link , if you find yourself in the group that needs to register.

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