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Facebook Likes Re-Like

We don’t normally go begging for people to ‘Like Us’ on Facebook. It’s just not our thing. While most those other guys are reminding you every 3rd post, we find it just as annoying as you do. That being said, it has come to our attention that our Big Squid RC Facebook Page had some issues and some people have been dropped off the ‘like’ list. Crazy as it sounds, it happened to me as well! We had a few emails from people saying they were not seeing our updates on their Facebook news feeds, and neither was I! It turns out the Like button was no longer clicked. Somehow, some way, Facebook unliked a few people. Maybe it’s part of their new business plan?
Long story short, if you are missing our updates on your news feed, or looking for a easy way to add our headlines into your daily life, head over to our Big Squid RC Facebook Page and re-like us, or Like us for the first time if you are so inclined.

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Posted by in Big Squid RC, miscellaneous on Thursday, July 26th, 2012 at 10:05 am