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A while ago I was watching one of REFFS RC live streams from a Hobby Town USA in Kennesaw GA. In that stream there was a build on the counter that caught my eye right away.  After some back and forth I was put in contact with the builder, Brandon McCullough is the master mind behind this wicked rig he has appropriately named CARNAGE! This is a build that Squid Nation needs to see, but i will let you hear it from the builder. big thanks to Brandon McCullough for letting us show off his sick build! if you have a build that you would want us to feathre email me and who knows you might be next!

Brandon McCullough:
I have been in the hobby for over 17 years. I have been working at Hobby Town USA in
Kennesaw, GA since 2009 and am a co-manager of the RC Department. In addition to
working at Hobby Town, I work in my dad’s engineering business as a cad designer.
I have built and modified many RC vehicles over the years. During that same time frame,
I have had three, full-size Jeeps that have been modified and upgraded, including the
Gladiator I have now with the Captain America theme. In 2004, I had a modified S10
Extreme that was featured in Truckin’ magazine.
I have used my experience and ideas with full-size vehicle modifications and
incorporated that experience into the RC world. It has led to a lot of builds that have been
both gratifying and rewarding.
I want to Thank Charles Perry for the 3-D printed items,
Chris Lowe for the welding work for the transmission. I want to thank Reef and Luke
Claxton, from Reef’s RC for the live video and support, featuring my truck

Carnage Build Inspiration.
I’m a big, fan of all the Marvel Universe. That’s where the inspiration for Carnage came
I wanted to build a truck, specifically based off a crawler to complete in tug-of war
competition/events. The truck is built using an 8 x 8 chassis with only two axles, as
something no one has seen before. I wanted to build a 10th
-scale truck with 5th scale
motor, ESC and transmission, adding to the uniqueness of the build

Carnage Build List:
Castle Mamba XLX2 w/100kv motor
RC4WD: 2.2 Aluminum bead locks w/2.2 RC4WD, Tractor Tires
Arrma: 8S, Kraton transmission w/welded MIP driveshafts
Team Garage Hack: Dual servo mount
Hobby Park: 25mm hub extensions
Fish Crawler Parts: 149 R/C WORX, 8 x 8 Chassis
All-Metal AR 60 Axles w/spools, brand unknown
Vanquish Link Kit w/Traxxas rod ends
Modified, 3-D printed, Axial Wraith skid plate w/aluminum top and bottom plates
Custom wooden flat bed
Arrma: 6S Shocks, limited to 100mm
RC4WD: Blazer body w/ modifications (a lot), using milliput and styrene
Custom chassis braces, sleeved w/6mm aluminum tube
Vanquish: AR60, axle, pan hard-mount w/AR60 shock mount for chassis pan-hard mount
Crawler Innovations: Inner hard foams w/custom-cut, outer foams
MIP: Axles, custom length
Reefs: Triple-5 servo
Futaba: Receiver
Arrma: 6S, Mojave battery tray times 2
2SMC Truspec extreme graphene, V2, 14.8V, 9700 MAH, 120C w/G10 plates and QS8
Stainless hardware throughout
IMEX: scale accessories

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