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Fantom LiPo Batteries

Fantom MVS 2.0 PRO HV Silicon Graphene LiPo-HV Batteries

All new from Fantom Racing is a line-up of 2S and 4S MVS 2.0 PRO HV Silicon Graphene LiPo-HV Batteries. The new Fantom’s put out more voltage than a normal “LiPo”, thus giving you more power and speed. Here are the highlights-

* Improved chemistry for 2021
* Has lower internal resistance than previous models
* New cells allow for higher capacity and flatter power curve
* ROAR approved for racing
* Can be charged to 4.35 volts per cell (Normal LiPo is only 4.2)
* Cells feature proprietary Silicon Graphene technology
* 130C rated discharge

New Fantom MVS 2.0 Pro HV Packs

#FAN25130 – 4200mAh, 130C, 7.6v, 2-Cell Ultra LCG Shorty – $69
#FAN25132 – 4400mAh, 130C, 7.6v, 2-Cell LCG Shorty – $72
#FAN25134 – 6100mAh, 130C, 7.6v, 2-Cell Shorty – $94
#FAN25136 – 5500mAh, 130C, 7.6v, 2-Cell Ultra LCG – $94
#FAN25138 – 7000mAh, 130C, 7.6v, 2-Cell LCG – $104
#FAN25140 – 8500mAh, 130C, 7.6v, 2-Cell – $119
#FAN25142 – 6100mAh, 130C, 15.2v, 4-Cell Shorty – $162
#FAN25144 – 5200mAh, 130C, 15.2v, 4-Cell LCG – $162

To get full details, use this link to make the jump over to the official Fantom Racing Website, or you can Click Here to read more Fantom news on Big Squid.

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