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Fantom Racing ICON V3 Pro Modified Motor Series

Fantom Racing has released its latest lineup of motors for on-and-off-road racing applications; the ICON V3 Pro Modified. Featuring 5.0 Turn through 9.5 Turn classifications, these motors have been designed to give your buggy, truggy, short course truck, or touring car a massive performance boost.

Highlights of the ICON V3 Pro Modified motor include a new stator design promoting smoother power, a new rotor design for improved drivability, a new stator plate, improved stator positioning, and silver-plated solder tabs. Each motor can be customized with a series of optional add-ons, allowing you to create a motor setup that’s just right for you.

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Posted by in New Products on Monday, February 28th, 2022 at 11:09 am