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Fathers Day Loves RC?

I saw two very interesting RC related things happen on Fathers Day. The first one while I was on my way to the store to pick up some food for the grill. I was driving around a corner when I saw this girl (around 14) dart out into the road to pick something up. I slowed down, not because I didn’t want to run her over… well, that was part of it, but because she had a RC controller in one hand, and a RC motorcycle in the other! I thought to myself how rare of a site this was. First, you just don’t see that many girls into RC. (Mini Squid is an exception….but she doesn’t get much The other odd thing was that she had a motorcycle. When you take the small, tiny, itsy bitsy percent of people that run RC motorcycles, then take the percent of that, that are girls. It has to be a negative number. I had actually thought about stopping, saying hello, and giving her some Big Squid RC stickers for her cycle, but better judgment kept me from being arrested for trying to talk to a kid about her toy. “No really officer, I run this website…”, “Yea yea.. Get in the car!”

The second RC sighting on Fathers Day, was one that makes me cringe a little. We were driving to dinner, and one of the neighborhoods we drive through is a bit Richie Rich. I look over to see a guy, and two kids standing almost on top of a very large RC helicopter. Were talking like Raptor 90 size here. All sorts of warnings started going off in my head. They were on a slight hill, with houses on either side of them by about 20 feet, a gate in front of them, and a pond behind them. The area was WAY too small for this size chopper unless he was a seriously skilled pilot. The way they were standing over it, while he had it on a angle looking for a ON switch, or starter or something just screamed that he was probably not a seriously skilled pilot. Again, I kept driving. Mostly because we were on the other side of the gate (semi gated community) and partially because I didn’t want to witness what was about to happen if he did find the ON switch. As I sat there at dinner, I recreated what I thought was the likely scenario in my head. Wife walks into a hobby shop and says, my husband mentioned that he saw someone flying a RC helicopter, and it was cool. I have a lot of money.. set me up! (I have been in shops and witnessed that exact thing happen.. and it’s never with something easy.. like an electric car. ) and my guess is, this was the fathers day gift.. come on kids, lets go fly daddy’s new toy! Dude.. if your reading this, and it was you, I hope things went good! Seriously though.. you need a bigger field!

If either the girl, or the dad is reading this, drop me a line, I’ll get you some stickers! It seems Cubby’s dream may be starting to become more and more real… RC is slowly going a little more mainstream. All I can say is, I’m glad I can be along for the ride!

Hope all you dads had a great Fathers Day! RC is a great way to spend some ‘friend time’ with the kids!

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Posted by in Big Squid RC on Friday, June 25th, 2010 at 12:15 am