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FireBrand RC DynaTron 20

FireBrand RC DynaTron 20 Engine Insert

Scale realism in rc now days includes things like rear view mirrors, smoke coming out of the exhaust, and sound modules. It also includes highly detailed engine compartments. If you’ve been searching for a cool looking Engine Insert for your next custom build, take a look at the new DynaTron 20 from FireBrand RC. The DynaTron 20 is a highly detailed piece of clear polycarbonate that looks like the engine from a full sized car. Just add some paint, apply some stickers, and your car will have a great looking engine compartment.

* Size- 6.75″ x 6.75″
* Comes with overspray film and decal sheet
* Includes Velcro fasteners

The DynaTron 20 is street priced at $28 and you can get more details by hitting up This Link over on the official FireBrand RC Website.

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