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FireBrand RC 2.2 H-Bomb Mud Treads FUSION Bash Wheels

FireBrand RC H-Bomb Mud Treads Pre-Mounted on 2.2″ FUSION Bash Wheels

Are you a fan of tearing up the local mud hole? If so, FireBrand RC has something for you. They have just announced H-Bomb Mud Tread Tires that are pre-mounted on 2.2″ FUSION Bash Wheels. The FUSION wheels are ready for abuse being made from a high quality ABS plastic, while the H-Bomb mud tread tires have deep “jagged zig-zag” lugs to roost some serious dirt.

* 12mm wheel hexes
* Fit a wide variety of vehicles
* Come as a set of 4
* Tires are molded in a medium compound rubber

The pre-mounts have a retail price of $62, a part number of #FB1WHEFUS899, and Right Here is the link to more details on the official FireBrand RC website.

Who is FireBrand RC? Find out Right Here on BigSquidRC.


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