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FireBrand IceStar-XD Street Juice

FireBrand RC IceStar-XD Street Juice 0º Drifting Wheel/Tire Set

Turn on some black lights and watch the new FireBrand RC IceStar-XC Street Juice Wheel/Tire Combo glow while getting your drift-on at the local track. The combo was designed not only for hardcore drifting, but to also give your car some serious attitude.

* Pre-glued for your convenience
* Come as a set of four
* Comes with 12mm hex & 9mm of off-set
* 45º/0º double-bevel drift tires
* Black IceStar wheels w/Green Slime tires

Pricing for a set of 4 is $38 and full details can be found at This Link on FireBrand’s official website.

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Posted by in New Products on Wednesday, April 13th, 2016 at 1:22 pm