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FireBrand RC ONE Tool Review

FireBrand RC is filling some interesting niches in the RC market with their ONE Tool 11-1 tool kit. Hailing from the fine state of Texas this US company has been working overtime since 2011, no doubt they’ve forgotten a few tools along the way! This aluminum handle holds 11 tools – is it the only hammer you need and how does it all fit together? Read on to find out.

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Includes: 7.0mm Nut Driver, 1.0/1.5/2.0mm Philips, 3.0/3.5/4.0mm Slotted and 1.5/2.0/2.5/3.0mm Hex. Color: Galaxy Black™ w/Hi-Ho™ Silver (polished, machined and anodized aluminum)

The ONE Tool comes in a compact retail package and breaking the factory seal to pull it free one can’t help but notice the smooth machined and anodized finish. It’s light, but not flimsy feeling. A quick spin shows the 5 double ended tool bits recessed in the handle, with the 7mm wheel socket seated in the home position.

Immediately it finds it’s way to my back back-pocket and it’s that eureka moment. When you’re bashing hard, screws come loose. Sometimes they have snapped parts attached and others they just back themselves out from the Go For Broke attitude as you chase it “one more time.” Instead of the long walk back to the pits, wham-o; ONE tool comes out, the errant screw gets torqued and you can get back to trigger WFO without delay. You could do this with a pocket full of tools of course, I’ve done it, but it lacks a certain panache.

FireBrand RC uses a spring loaded clip to hold the tool in the barrel. This works well to keep the current tool from sliding out and gives it a firm bite so there’s no tool twist when wrenching. On the bottom a lazy-susan dial spins with a strong detente for each position to select a tool bit or the safety position. This tool is a great on the go or track side one-size fits all hammer, assuming you use metric nails.

I tried some of my worst Slash 2×4 rusted screws without problems. Each tool can be used without fully seating it into the handle, giving about 2″ extra reach, so you can work on even the most intricate of cars. There’s an interesting chainmail clink with the spare bits in the handle – I didn’t notice this trackside but did sitting on the bench at home.

While the 5 double ended tool bits slide easily into their hiding spots, there’s nowhere to put the 7mm hex bit when using any of the other 10 tools. I can see losing this while wrenching in the wilderness. It should be noted the 7mm socket isn’t as deep as a typical t-wrench – it works fine on your average setup, but users with exceptionally long stub axles might have problems getting a bite.

FireBrand RC ONE Tool really can be the only tool in your arsenal. With quality tips and a smart interface it works well to slay a typical wrenching session. The portability is a great feature and will surely simply life for the active BSRC fan.

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