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Firebrand RC – Scale Highway Guardrail

Hey gang Evol here again with some cool drift related products I spied on the internets this week.

Firebrand RC is back this time with a scale highway barrier to dress up your track or photo diorama. These guardrail kits look very similar to the existing units on the market available from other manufacturers (which are cheaper) but I notice small differences in the design so I don’t think this is just a rebranded product as it might appear at first glance. They also claim that they can take a beating which I can assure you that the other brands on the market cannot. Lets hope those extra dollars buy you a little more durability than what you can find in the competition. I won’t know for sure until I lay hands on some but I will try to do so and include them in my scale drift track build series that you can find here on Big Squid.

On a side note I would say that I like what this US based company is doing in the drift community. From their Facebook page I can see that they are sponsoring local drift events promoting this segment of the hobby heavily. This gets a huge thumbs up from me. I can get behind that kind of enthusiasm, and thats what RC Drift needs.

Availability: On sale now
Price: $12.00

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