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FireBrand RC

FireBrand RC Showoff body display stand, MACHSPEED-GTR and accessories review incoming

FireBrand RC sent in a sweet collection of their RC Drift focused parts for review. Right off the bat one has to notice the thoughtful packaging and that ALL the parts are included with the 6mm wheel hex spacers. Too often shiny parts require additional parts to actually install onto the vehicle, so including the cross pin is a great touch.

We’re looking forward to finding out what other surprises are store with FireBrand RC drift wheels, tools, body, sticker packs.

SHOWOFF (body & wheel display)


Pro-Mag 15-D2T™ (Drift 2-piece)

CROWNJEWEL-D29™ Drift 2-Piece

ONE Tool™ 11-in-1 Multi-tool

LOCKING HEX HUB 6MM (set of 4)

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Posted by in Accessory Reviews, Other Reviews, RC Drifting on Tuesday, December 6th, 2016 at 10:46 am