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Firebrand RC SHOWOFF RC Body Display Stand Review

Ask a RC Drifter, any RC Drifter, it’s doesn’t matter if you win by an inch or a mile if you don’t have style. So enter the Firebrand RC SHOWOFF rc body display stand, which allows you to display a static RC car body with a 260-255mm wheel base (though creative types can stretch or chop this a few more MM without much effort, see the notes).

FROM: Firebrand RC

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Review By: Multi-Bash
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Plastic ABS type material, one side is shiny (read the manual!)

Primary Competition:

Pandora RC “unobtanimum” metal display chassis, your little sisters perfectly sized shoe box

What’s in the Bag:

Plastic sheets, cut to shape
4 phillips screws
4 nuts
8 washers
4 wheel hubs

Price: $18
Build Quality:

The strength and stiffness of the material is great, somewhere closer to tackle box thickness. It’s stiff and could probably make an OK paint ball shield if it were bigger. During assembly, you’ll fold over some tabs and while these felt prone to breaking, even my huge hands got through the install without breaking any off. The material initially has a little bow to it after assembly, but it relaxes to a nice square shape with time and massaging.


Yours truly..

Set-up Notes:

This is a simple design with solid execution. It uses plastic tabs to assemble the frame, and screws/nuts to attach the wheels. Pay attention to the manual, the tabs only bend one way. Try to insert one side of the tab first, then plunge the rest of the tab into the slot. The cross bars hide the wheel nuts, which makes it a bit of a challenge to change the wheels out.

On the Track:

The SHOWOFF easily displays jaw dropping stance “aired out on the frame”. Awesome for photoshoots or adding that extra scale detail to your track. Its all fun and games till someone asks “hey, can that slammed Forester drive like that??” Happens everytime.. The Firebrand RC body stand can adjust for nearly all wheelbase sizes, so you can get some great static shots with pretty much any 1/10 shell.

Ease of Use:

The three camber settings in the manual are mild. In the low camber shots, the body is resting on the 9mm offset CROWNJEWEL-D29™ Drift 2-Piece wheels. I went with super extreme custom camber to get a nice “aired out” stance. With a few tweaks you can just drop the body shell over the wheels and slide it around without anything shifting. Per the manual, you can use the included velcro to hold the shell on if you prefer a realistic ride height.

Misc Notes:

There are three camber settings. In my testing, they don’t actually change the camber much. But by running the camber cross bar loose and a little bending, you can get that crazy aired out stance as seen here.

When attaching the camber cross bars, the tabs are the DICKENS to get in. Try inserting one side of the tab first, then firmly press the other side to seat it.

There is no wheel offset adjustment, and the included bolts are short so spacers aren’t an option. With a good wheel collection of varying offsets you can fine tune wheel/fender fitment for any 1/10 shell.

It can be stretched or chopped without tools; the wheels have an oblong pin/hole setup which can be mounted backwards for a bigger range than 255-260mm wheelbase.

Best mod under $5 :

Longer 2mm hex screws for the wheels and wheel nuts.

Final Verdict:

The Firebrand RC SHOWOFF Display Stand comes in at a great price and fits pretty much every body shell you have from 260-255mm. Once you get it assembled it’s sturdy and waterproof so you can display your rc drift body wherever your adventures take you. As a fan of scale rc drift, the little details really make the experience come to life with cars hanging out trackside.


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