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Firelands Group to Start Making Waves Soon!

Firelands Group

Word on the street is that the new rc company Firelands Group is about to start getting things into action. We have heard that their new 1/18th scale 4×4 Animus truck should start to hit shelves in mid May, and we should also start to see some hop-up parts from their Anza side company start to show up probably late June or early July. The first hop-up parts will be Traxxas Slash based, but it sounds like they will cover all sorts of vehicles.

We look forward to seeing what sort of new technologies they come up with because we have heard that it won’t just be similar parts in aluminum or a new plastic, but redesigned parts to be more functional or stronger. As bashers, we are all about better hopups!

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Posted by in Firelands Group, Industry News on Sunday, April 17th, 2011 at 11:30 pm