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Maclan Diamondback MX Brushless Combo Unboxing

First Ever Unboxing – Maclan Diamondback ESC & MX Brushless Motor Combos

Who is Maclan Racing? They are a brand new brushless company looking to earn you business. We are very stoked to be the first media outlet to unbox their very first production brushless systems. Maclan is distributed by Hobby Authority Distribution out of Washington State and we are working on reviews for their Diamondback ESC & MX Motor Combos as this is being posted.

We received two systems for review, both are intended for use in 10th scale vehicles. The first system includes a Diamondback series 80 amp sensorless ESC and an MX series 540 4000kV 4-pole motor. This system is best used in 2wd 10th scalers like short course trucks, stadium trucks, or buggies. The second system include a Diamondback 120 amp sensorless ESC along with a MX series 4200kV 4-pole 550 sized motor. The 120 amp 550 system was designed for use in 4wd 10th scale monster & short course trucks that tend to pull more amperage and need more torque.

As we were unboxing the new electronics from Maclan we grabbed our camera and took loads of pictures. The Maclan packaging is well done, as is their owners manual. We grabbed both motors and gave their rotors a spin. Both turn well and both were very well shimmed to remove excessive play. Both ESCs come standard with a Deans connector, and after plugging them both into a battery, even the Deans were properly soldered, not overheated and loose. Also, you may see that Maclan printed our Big Squid name on both the motors and ESCs, very, very classy touch.

Maclan claims the Diamondback/MX combos are “The most powerful system in it’s class”. We will certainly put that statement to the true test as we work on our reviews in the coming weeks. However, one thing is for sure already, Maclan is looking to earn you business. To learn more about Maclan racing simply hit This Link to visit their official website.

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