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3d rc video

First RC 3D Video!

3d rc video 1 3d rc video

Big Squid RC presents the first All 3D RC Video! 1000’s of people were treated to the premiere last week at iHobby 2011, and now it’s live on-line! You will need the red/blue glasses to see it properly in all it’s 3d glory though. It will be in other formats soon (so you can watch it on your 3D TV’s ect.. ) but this was the first edit, so we only have the anaglyph version at the moment. Go grab your 3D glasses, some popcorn and enjoy!

Click through to see the video..

Make sure you play it in full 720p HD, and go full screen. Some really cool effects in there.. And remember who did it first.. Big Squid RC! (when all the others copy soon)

What’s that? You don’t have 3D glasses, but want to enjoy the new awesomeness of the video? For a limited time, (or till we run out) we will send you a FREE pair of 3D glasses with every Big Squid RC Sticker order! Just head over to our shop and order a set.


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