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Flying Aircraft Horizon Hobby 2018 RC Fest

Flying Action from Horizon Hobby’s 2018 RC Fest

Since its inception, airplanes, drones, and helicopters have been a very important part of Horizon Hobby’s Drones On The Horizon and RC Fest events. For 2018 there were more aircraft than ever, along with more spectacular events for the spectators to watch.

RC Fest is the only place that we’ve gone that you can see virtually every type of aircraft being flown. From the biggest to the smallest, from the fastest to the slowest, all extremes are represented at RC Fest. You could walk around one corner and see the very latest in high tech flying machines, then turn another and see a totally vintage machine, complete with vintage electronics! Walking around and admiring the thousands of hours of build time was an incredible experience.

Perhaps even more impressive was watching all the different aircraft flying. Some of the best pilots on the planet were on hand to show off their skills, plus there was a lot of night flying by both airplanes and helicopters. While the professional pilots put on an insane display of skill, the night flying really impressed the crowd, and the FPV drone racers did a fantastic job of showing just how crazy their sport is.

While our staffers at Big Squid are mostly surface drivers, we are always blown away by the dedication and passion that the people in the air segment exhibit. After talking to dozens of pilots at RC Fest, we left amazed at how much they love not only flying, but also working to build their own perfect aircraft.

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