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FTX RC 10th Banzai RTR Nitro Touring Car

FTX RC 1/10 Banzai RTR Nitro Touring Car

The folks over at FTX have just dropped the 1/10th scaled Banzai RTR Nitro Touring Car. FTX has produced the Banzai in electric form for quite some time, now they have decided to turn up the wow factor and are now releasing the Banzai with insane nitro power! Here are the highlights-

* Expected to start shipping next month
* Available in white or blue
* Fuel powered nitro 2-stroke engine
* Aluminum main chassis
* Shaft driven full time 4wd
* Composite 2-piece tuned pipe
* 3-shoe clutch
* Big bore oil filled shocks
* Scale spoked wheels
* Treaded rubber tires

The FTX 1/10 Banzai RTR Nitro Touring Car has a part number of #FTX5534 and you can Click This Link to get more FTX news on Big Squid.


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Posted by in New Products on Wednesday, December 28th, 2022 at 2:36 pm