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FTX RC 10th Outback 3.0 Treka RTR

FTX RC 1/10 Outback 3.0 Treka RTR Trail Vehicle

New over at FTX RC is the 1/10th scaled Outback 3.0 Treka RTR Trail Vehicle. The new Treka gets a fresh facelift, plus it gets the upgrade to FTX’s new 3.0 Outback chassis. Here are the highlights-

* Hidden body mounts to increase scale realism
* Molded scale accessories like front grill, bumpers, roof rack, & mirrors
* ‘Angel eye’ style headlights
* Spotlights on roof and clear windows
* New Etronix System 3 waterproof ESC/RX/LED intelligent light controller
* Powerful Etronix 6kg steering servo
* Improved 45˚ steering angle
* Adjustable front caster angle
* Forward located 1500mAh battery
* Oil filled shocks with threaded bodies
* Updated locked front and rear axles with removable diff cover
* Scale tread 1.9” supersoft tires on chrome wheels

The FTX Outback 3.0 Treka RTR is street priced at £199 and has a part number of #FTX5594.

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