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Team Durango DEX210F 2wd Buggy

Full Details – Team Durango DEX210F Buggy

Perhaps nowhere else in the rc world has technology advanced as quickly as in the 2wd buggy class. Especially in recent years, manufacturers have been pulling out all the stops to push car designs to the limit. The latest “push the limit” machine from Team Durango is the 2wd DEX210F. Designed from the floor up for maximum performance on medium to high-bite tracks, the buggy was also designed to be extremely easy to adjust for changing track surfaces.

The first thing you’ll notice on the DEX210F is its chassis layout. The spur gear is mounted in the middle of the chassis, with the motor be mounted either rearward behind the spur and across from a shorty pack, or mounted in front the spur when used with saddle packs. An oil filled gear diff is used at the back wheels and a brand new quick adjust motor mount is a nice sight to see. The buggy is also loaded with premium materials like 7075-T6 aluminum and high quality carbon fiber, helping to make it light, yet durable. The DEX210F’s body also has an all new design, cutting drag at high speeds while still offering good handling in low speed corners.

Some other highlights of the DEX210F include-

* Can use 12 or 14mm wheel hexes
* Advanced multi-axle driveshafts
* Quick access battery trays
* 4mm thick shock towers
* Aluminum rear bulkheads
* Slipper clutch

The Durango has a street price of $379, a part number of #TD102037, and they are expected to start hitting hobby shops early next month. Hit This Link for even more details over on Durango’s official website.

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