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Futaba 4GRS Unboxing

Futaba 4GRS Unboxing

Believe it or not, not everyone drives with a pistol style radio, that’s why a lot of people were stoked when Futaba announced the new twin stick 4GRS surface radio. The 4GRS has many of the features of its pistol gripped cousin the 4PLS- telemetry, multi-model memory, and dozens of others, while sporting a similar price point of $279. With a middle-of-the-road price point and tons of features, it’s no wonder so many crawler drivers, boat guys, and people that just like to drive with sticks can’t wait to get there hands on it.

We are still working on our review of the 4GRS so please have a look below at our unboxing pictures. As you can see it comes nicely packaged with a thick owners manual, one receiver, a switch, and the little plastic screwdriver that has come with Futaba transmitters for years. For more information, check out The Official 4GRS Page over on Futaba’s website, or you can Click Right Here to view more unboxings on BigSquidRC.


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