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Futaba 4PL Unboxing Pictures

Futaba 4pl Futaba 4pl

Since iHobby Expo we have been talking about the new Futaba 4PL. One reason we kept talking about it around the office was that we were working on the Transmitter Shootout and the 4PKS and 3PL were really doing well in our testing. The 4PL seems like it is a step in between those two radios.
It really sounds like it’s the ideal basher radio! The price point is reasonable, it’s very customizable as far as feel goes on the steering and throttle tensions. It has 40 model memory because every basher needs at least that many vehicles, and the 3rd and 4th channels have all sorts of functions to allow for complicated crawler setups to more simpler rtr vehicles.

Watch for a review and more thoughts soon as we put it to work! Click through for a few more pictures.

Futaba 4pl Futaba 4pl Futaba 4pl

Check out the the site for more info!

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