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Futaba BLS-HC600 Servo

Futaba BLS-HC600 Servo

New over at Futaba is the BLS-HC600 brushless servo. Designed for helicopters, the BLS-HC600 sports high-end performance and can be used for numerous applications. Check out these highlights-

* Speed – 0.07 sec/60° at 7.4V
* Torque – 211.1 ozf/in at 7.4V
* Size – 40.5 x 21 x 38.4mm
* Weight – 2.72 oz
* Operating Voltage – 4.0-8.4 volts DC
* Full metal case
* 760 pulse width
* Proven gear train

The Futaba BLS-HC600 Servo is street priced at $199 and has a part number of #01102366-1.

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