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Futaba RC Sunglasses

Futaba Blue Sky-Yellow Cut Sunglasses

Coming soon from Futaba are Blue Sky-Yellow Cut Sunglasses. The folks at Futaba are very well known for their technological advancements in remote control systems, but they are also very serious about their new sunglasses. These were specially designed by the engineers at Futaba to give you the very best in optics, with a styling and durable frame.

* High-end, lightweight design
* Side shields
* Includes protective case & lens cloth
* Sabae technology sunglasses, made in Japan
* Lens has a special emphasis on “bright, unobstructed visibility”
* Patented design that enhances contrast by cutting only yellow light
* Can fit over some styles of prescription glasses

The Futaba Sunglasses are street priced at ¥16,000 (around $150) and they have a part number of #FT-309182.

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