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Futaba S.Bus2 Servos

Futaba S.Bus2 Servos
Always on the forward edge of technology, Futaba has announced their new line-up of S.Bus2 Servos. The S.Bus2 line is designed to be some of the best performing servos that money can buy. Some of their features include-

* The SV (high voltage) servos are designed for running 2S Lipo power without the need of a regulator.
* The BLS (brushless) servos offer 5 times longer life compared to a standard servo, plus extra holding power.
* SVi servos come with a removable connector so you can attach the length of cable that best suits the application.

FUTM0182 S3270SVi Micro SBus2 Servo- $59.99
FUTM0126 S3174SV Glider Wing HV Servo- $64.99
FUTM0180 S3173SVi Glider SBus2 HV Servo- $64.99
FUTM0137 BLS173SV Mini Airplane SBus2 HV Servo- $137.99
FUTM0184 BLS173SVi Mini Airplane SBus2 HV Servo- $139.99
FUTM0147 BLS274SV SBus2 HV Programmable Tail Servo- $154.99
FUTM0160 BLS671SV Mini 1/12 SBus HV Servo- $159.99
FUTM0186 BLS671SVi Mini 1/12 SBus2 HV Servo- $169.99
FUTM0143 BLS251SB Heli Rudder SBus2 Servo- $169.99
FUTM0148 BLS276SV SBus2 HV Programmable HS Servo- $194.99
FUTM0146 BLS273SV Heli FBL SBus2 HV Servo- $249.99

To hit the official Futaba website HERE is the link you want, to read even more Futaba news here on BigSquidRC simply Click Here.

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