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G-Force Masami Limited Edition 40th Anniversary ALF2022 Pan Car

G-Force Announces Ultra-Limited Edition 40th Anniversary ALF2022

This is the most expensive pan car BigSquidRC has ever posted, and will probably ever post! New from G-Force is the uber-exotic, and ultra-limited edition 40th Anniversary ALF2022 pan car. Made in conjunction with RC legend Masami Hirosaka, the ALF2022 is a recreation of the original hand made ALF pan car.

* Only 33 units will be available for sale worldwide
* Designed and handcrafted by Masaaki Hirosaka (Masami’s father!)
* Based off the original Kawada type-1 chassis
* Factory-level assembly is also provided by Masaaki Hirosaka individually for each car

If you are a hardcore collector, this car should be top of your list for 2022. Hopefully your wallet is fairly full as the G-Force Limited Edition 40th Anniversary ALF2022 will be street priced right around $2,400.

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