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G Force Axis Pit Light

G-Force AXIS Pit Light

I know first hand that getting old is no fun, especially in the vision department. What I could see easily when I was 20 now requires removal of my glasses and a flashlight. It is also no secret that many indoor tracks have inadequate lighting, making it extra tough to do a fast diff rebuild between heats. For reasons like those, a good pit light is worth its weight in gold.

The latest Pit Light to hit the market comes from G-Force. Their Axis pit light is no joke, using 32 high powered LEDs to shed all sorts of light on your pit table. Its touch sensitive controls make it easy to use, while its three adjustable light color modes make all that light easy on your eyes.

The light comes in two different colors, black or blue. The blue unit has a part number of #G0190 and is street priced at $64. Get all the details at This Link over on the Hobby Authority Distribution website.

Learn about more G-Force products at This Link on BigSquidRC.

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