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Rocky Mountain Hobby Expo Show Coverage 2018

Gallery #2 – Rocky Mountain Hobby Expo 2018

To wrap up our coverage of the 2018 Rocky Mountain Hobby Expo, we are posting one final picture gallery. The giant gallery below shows off numerous booths and gatherings around the show. As you scan the pictures you’ll see the rc drifting demonstration, as well as several Lego based booths, along with more railroad coverage.

Some of the displays at the show were simply jaw dropping. The amount of time that people put into some of their displays for the show was incredible! While we know just how much time it takes to build a kit in rc, the amount of the hours put into the various railroad and Lego displays was staggering. Some of the displays were the result of thousands of hours of research and build time, and it showed. Even our BigSquidRC Bash Crew had to stop in awe at the amount of time, work, and background research that went into some of the incredible displays at the show.

We should be hearing plans about 2019 Rocky Mountain Hobby Show any day now, when we do Cubby will post up the information in THE Cub Report. Until then, why not hit up This Link to check out the official 2018 Rocky Mountain Hobby Expo website.

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