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Gens Ace Advanced Series Smart LiPo Batteries

Gens Ace Announces Advanced Series LiPo Smart Batteries

The good folks over at Gens Ace have just announced a new series of Advanced Series LiPo Smart Batteries. The new Advanced Series represents the very latest and greatest in LiPo battery technology for both safety and power output. Check out these highlights-

* Expected to start shipping later this month
* 4.35 volts maximum per cell, high output design
* LED power indicator
* Overcharge cut-off
* Self-storage mode
* Durable hard case
* Beefy 8 gauge output wires
* 100C discharge rate
* 3S, 4S, and 6S packs will be offered initially

The Gens Ace Smart Batteries are street priced from $104 to $192.

You can use this link to read more Gens Ace news on BigSquidRC.


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Posted by in New Products on Monday, June 6th, 2022 at 8:41 pm