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CarryAll RC SlingPaX

Get a Helping Hand on the Trail with the CarryAll RC SlingPax

CarryAll RC is expanding its lineup of outdoor R/C adventure gear with the introduction of the SlingPax. When you’re planning a short trail trip and don’t need to haul your entire arsenal of trail repair tools with you, this around-the-back shoulder sling should fill in quite nicely.

Made from durable materials, the CarryAll RC SlingPax features an assortment of smaller-sized pouches that are perfect for holding items such as hardware and select tools while you’re out for a stroll. The CarryAll RC SlingPax is available in two trim levels (Base and Combo Kit) and three colors (Blue, Red, and Black).

The SlingPax Base Model ($34.95) includes the SlingPax, a First Aid kit, and a 3″ Cow RC Pro Mag Mag Tray, while the SlingPax Combo Kit ($54.95) gives you all of that, plus a PowerHobby 12-in-1 Took Kit and PowerHobby LiPo Bag.

Visit to learn more about their entire lineup of R/C-focused trail bags and gear.

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