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Get Ready to Tackle the Trail with these Tips from Element RC [Video]

Are you planning to head into the great outdoors for your next R/C adventure? If so, it’s always best to plan and bring along supplies for both you and your rig. In their latest Trail Tip Tuesday video, Element R/C highlights some of the gear you should bring with you for a day on the trail.

Packing for the Trail – Stuff for you:

  • A comfortable, durable backpack with plenty of storage areas.
  • Water (plenty of water)
  • Sun protection (sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, long-sleeved clothing)
  • Comfortable clothing (dress for weather conditions)
  • A first-aid kit
  • Trail food (trail mix and granola bars are great go-to options)

Packing for the Trail: Stuff for your rig:

  • Instant glue/CA glue (for quick tire and body accessory repairs)
  • Threadlock (for loose hardware)
  • Extra “AA” batteries for your radio transmitter
  • A compact hex and nut driver tool
  • A pair of curved scissors
  • A small pair of wire cutters
  • A small pair of long-nose pliers
  • An extra set of spare parts (shock towers, driveshafts, springs, body clips, gears, etc.)
  • A collection of spare screws, nuts, and other hardware
  • An assortment of zip-ties for quick, temporary repairs

For more R/C-related trail tips, check out Element RC’s Trail Tip Tuesday series on YouTube.

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